Praying Creatively

24-7 Prayer Rooms have helped people all over the world learn to pray by finding a new language of expression. Talking with Jesus in an interactive way has inspired and engaged all generations; particularly young people.  Be creative in designing your prayer space.  If this doesn’t come naturally here are our top tips to get you started.

  1. Find the artistic and creative people in your community.  If you find this aspect of organising the prayer room difficult why not ask them to help you.
  2. Remember why you’re praying 24-7.  If there is a vision, call or verse that is at the heart of your 24-7 Prayer Week design your space around it to help people to respond and pray.
  3. Keep it simple and bold.  Creative doesn’t mean cluttered.  If in doubt make the room welcoming, colourful and have prayer guides or activities to interact with if people need them.
  4. Engage all five senses.  How could you use inspiring images and verses to catch the eye, music and sound to inspire, things to touch or hold to focus the mind or things to taste or smell to help people consider what they’re praying about?

Creative prayer stations

Prayer stations can help those who find praying for an hour a challenge.  Below are a few ideas of the kinds of stations you could put in your 24-7 Prayer Room to help people talk with God.

Identity – Family Tree
Find a real tree or draw one. Invite people to write the names of their families and friends and stick them to the tree as they pray for each in turn.

Please – Wailing Wall
Make space on a wall, net or piece of fabric for people to write or draw their honest requests to God.  Watch as it fills up as the week progresses.

Sorry – Sin Bin/Trash Can
Put a bin (or trash can), some paper and pens in the room and invite people to pray the words of Psalm 139:23-24.  As they decide to repent write the sin down and throw it in the bin.

Forgive – Wash it off
Get a bowl of water and some pens.  Invite people to write the names of those they need to forgive on their hands and as they wash them off, to ask Jesus to help them forgive.

Kingdom come – World Zone
Put maps, globes and newspapers in the room and encourage people to pray “your kingdom come, your will be done” over nations and situations.

For many more ideas on how to pray creatively check out The 24-7 Prayer Manual and the free resources available when youregister your prayer room.

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