How to Pray for an Hour

“I never thought I could pray for an hour, but somehow an hour felt like ten minutes.” Carla Harding, UK

An hour can seem like a long time, particularly if you find prayer hard.  24-7 Prayer Rooms are designed to help people find new ways to try and persevere in praying. We recommend filling the room with inspiration and creative prayer stations that give people ideas on how they can talk to God.

For some, exploring the space will be enough to fill an hour, but if you want a little extra guidance then try:

  1. These simple 60-minute prayer guides (previews below) written to help you pray for an hour about yourself, others, your town or your nation
  2. Download ‘Pray For An Hour’ by 24-7 Prayer’s Andy Freeman. This seminar was specifically aimed at those who find the thought of praying for an hour the most daunting challenge ever.
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