Jill Weber

Jill Weber

Moravian Sculpture Walk

I’m very interested in outdoor prayer rooms.  There is something about being in the midst of creation that is so restorative to the soul – it’s easy to feel close to God in the woods.  The Moravians in Herrnhut must agree, because they’ve created...continued

What Can Herrnhut Teach Us About How God Can Use Refugee Settlements?

Recent world events cause me to look at Herrnhut through new eyes.  I’ve always known it as the German village where they had a 100 year prayer meeting that launched the first Protestant missions movement in history.  This sleepy little town rocked...continued

On Pilgrimage

Today I leave for two weeks in Germany and Austria.  I’m landing in Dresden, meeting my daughter and six others of our GOHOP community, and then we are hopping on a train to Herrnhut, Germany.  Tomorrow night I will be sleeping in the Moravian Guest...continued

On a Quest for a New Location for GOHOP

We are guests. And have always been. For the entire life of GOHOP, over 13 years, we have been the grateful recipients of the hospitality of others. First it was the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, where for seven years they gave us free prayer and office...continued

Cottage Fathers and Mothers – Re-Creating instead of Vacate-ing

In the third century, devout believers fled the cities and set up camp in the desert.  There they pursued lifestyles of extravagant devotion, characterized by prayer, solitude, silence, and fasting.  Pilgrims would come and visit, seeking the Lord alongside...continued

First Day of the Prayer Truck

Prayer Truck started Monday at 7 am! We chose the theme “Beautiful Things” after a Michael Gungor song that we’ve...continued

Obed House of Prayer in Victoria, B.C.

 I first met Mary and Doug at the National HOP Summit in Winnipeg. “We’ve just been appointed Directors of the Obed House of Prayer. We’ve been HOP Directors...continued

Drafting a Rule of Life

I’m in the process of coming up with a personal Rule of Life. A Rule, you say? What is that? A Rule is a set of commitments an practices that monastics...continued

614 Community Prayer Room

I love to take pics of the prayer rooms of the different prayer communities I visit. Such amazing diversity and creativity! This is the prayer room for the 614 Community in Vancouver, Canada. continued

A Day In The Life

What do urban monks, House of Prayer people do anyways? People have a hard time wrapping their heads around our vocation (most Catholics get it right away), so from time to time I find it helpful to post what a day looks like for me. 6 am. I’m in The...continued