5 Steps to a 24-7 Prayer Room

“Every prayer room I’ve attended has only ever fuelled my heart for a deeper encounter with God and renewed a hope that greater things are yet to come.”

Tim Hughes, Worship Central

The 24-7 Prayer Manual and the free resources available when you register equip anyone to run a 24-7 Prayer Room.  If you want an idea of what it takes without buying a book or registering now here are five key steps to mobilising night and day prayer…

1. Gather your friends

Who do you want to pray with?  Your church, youth group, other students, work colleagues, a mission team or others?  It only takes 24 people to pray an hour a day to fill a week with prayer.  The strength of the community; your commitment to God and each other, is even more important than the size of the group, Gather them together, share the vision and get their support.


2. Pick a week

Most groups find a week of 24-7 Prayer long enough to be a challenge but short enough to be achievable.  Choose how long you want to pray for and when; is there a significant opportunity or a time when the community is available?  Give everyone lots of notice and prepare to pray.


3. Find a space

Find somewhere that’s accessible 24 hours a day that can fit however many people will pray at once.  You don’t want a massive space for one person or a cupboard for ten!  People have prayed in churches, tents, caravans, shops, planes, basements, bedrooms and more.


4. Get creative

Find a new language for talking with God in a creative 24-7 Prayer Room.  When designing your room include inspirational images, verses and suggestions for prayer, as well as materials for art, music, activities and more.  The aim is to engage the heart and mind of all ages and personality types in prayer.  Get some inspiration with our ‘How to pray creatively‘ page.


5. Mobilise people to pray

Break the prayer week into hours using our online or paper sign-up sheet. Teach on prayer and remind people to get involved as the week approaches.  Check out the ‘Motivating people to pray‘ page to get 10 ideas for filling your sign-up sheet.

Then go for it!

Launching a 24-7 Prayer Room can be a little intimidating but as the week progresses you’ll see the hunger for prayer and the presence of God increase.  Register now to get free resources and personal support as you pray.


Register your 24-7 Prayer Room now:
– Download resources
– Get a free online sign-up page
– Access personal support from the 24-7 team

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