Here’s an image we’ve put together to help sum up ‪#‎PrayerEverywhere‬

1) Find a place to pray and pray.
It can be anywhere. Somewhere in your neighborhood or from your daily life. On the bus, in Tim’s, at the dentist, in a park, on the subway… anywhere. Pray as the Lord leads you. You can use the Lord’s Prayer, a Psalm, New Testament prayer, worship song, or something you make up on the spot. But pray. That’s what this is all about.

2) Post a photo or video of the place to a social media platform
(no… don’t take a prayer selfie, please. Just the place, thank you. We’re looking to encourage and inspire each other in prayer not get discovered by Hollywood.)

3) Tell us where it is and hashtag it
#PrayerEverywhere ‪#‎247Prayer‬
This is what makes this work and let’s us connect, challenge, inspire and remind each other to pray more, to the glory of our great God and Saviour, Christ Jesus! Let’s do this!

We’ll share and highlight some posts and ideas as we go. Oh, and we’re now on Instagram too: www.instagram.com/247prayercanada

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