What’s Going On In Here?


“What is going on in here?”

The question came from a teen who was taking part in a job training program in an old stone church in downtown Guelph. She was used to the room next door being empty and quiet. She was used to it being a space where they could just chill between sessions, text a friend or chat. But this week it was decorated differently, there was a map on the wall, a bulletin board full of colourful papers, signs on the walls and art on one wall. Something was happening.



What she discovered was that the room was being used for 24-7 prayer for the week. The odd decor and signs and all were about things to pray for.

“Ah! That explains all the people coming and going all the time.”

Over the course of the second annual SEVEN week of prayer, more than 3 dozen people from 11 churches filled the hours in that little room with prayer. Requests were lifted to God and praises were recorded. Prayers were done by words, drawings, lists, songs, and in the quiet.

And just like the prayer room, the old stone church had a lot of stuff happening.

Prayer, mission and justice go hand in hand or something is missing. Hands folded in prayer also reach out to embrace, lift up and serve.  

The prayer room isn’t separate from the world the prayers are being prayed for. In this old church there is a ‘grocery store’ for those who need some help, the training program for teens, recovery ministries, and much more. Prayers are prayed, prayers are walked out and answers to those prayers are lived out. And that’s what’s going on here.


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