Church Planters United in Prayer


Over 600 Canadian church planters lifted their voices united in song and prayer this week. The occasion was the bi-annual Church Planting Canada Congress in Montreal. Their theology wasn’t all the same, their languages weren’t the same, and they came from so many different streams of the faith. But they were together, united worshipping Jesus and praying for one another. Wow, great experience.

We had the opportunity to set up a prayer room for the congress and to promote 24-7 prayer to the delegates. Amazing room for prayer with windows on two sides! Looks like we’re in a storefront window as Daria, Bonnie and I set up. 


The great view of this part of the city and the park across the street helped to focus prayer on some of Montreal’s people and their needs. As well, praying in the sunshine as life worked, walked and drove past was a great experience.



Below, two stations we were able to set up in the back of the balcony where spotlights highlighted them and helped draw attention to the prayer room which was also at the back of the balcony. 



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