Prayer Where?


Prayer is happening, here and there and over there! It’s springing up like never before.

Things are changing. The kingdom is coming and prayer is a big part of that.

In this next month in Canadian cities like Vancouver BC,  Waterloo ON, Perth ON, Weyburn SK, they’re having prayer rooms. And it’s not just happening with single isolated churches. Pretty much every time a church or group holds a prayer room there are a number of churches and believers from many streams of Christianity involved.


In Guelph, Ontario, we’re seeing our second annual SEVEN week of prayer taking place. There’s a 24-7 prayer room being put on by several churches working together in a central location and a variety of church based prayer meetings. And these prayer events are being put on collaboratively! It’s way cool to see one church open its doors, another provide the speaker, another provide the worship team and the prayers of many more churches joining together.



When God’s people pray things happen.

Is prayer happening in your community?

Who’s doing it, how are they doing it?

Do you have pictures or stories?


We’ve love to share them and inspire the prayers of other believers across this country and around the world. Just drop me an email at

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