A Day At The Prayer Truck


We’ve had to say goodbye to the prayer truck for another year. This was our fifth year and every year has been different and has brought a new cast of ‘truck buddies’ (staff and volunteer pray-ers) as well as  friends whom we meet on the street.  Truly, many people we meet become friends. We have a history now of welcoming new friends into our community, homes and lives through the prayer truck. 

What does a typical day at the Prayer Truck look like?  The day begins at 7am (unless it’s a weekend).  The first team who arrives opens the combination lock and rolls up the big, white door at the back of the truck.  IMG_0010

A couple chairs are placed on the street. An umbrella is positioned to provide shade.  A small CD player may be turned on to provide a background worship soundtrack.  The small refrigerator is restocked with water. Lastly, our “Need Prayer” sign is positioned on the sidewalk so that the arrow faces towards the truck. Once the space is hospitable for visitors we sit, pray and wait.  

Some people walk by, some ask for prayer: an aunt who is dying from cancer; a teenage son who has a court hearing that afternoon; world peace. We offer to prayer right away. Some say “yes” and so we pray together.  We pray in simple, non-religious language. When we say “Amen” we can see that the person is often visibly affected; tears are not uncommon.


What is the fruit? That is hard to answer. We don’t always see the fruit.  Yes, there are miracle stories. The first day of the second year we ran the prayer truck a person came and announced that they had been clean from drugs for a full year as a result of someone praying for them the previous year.  Sometimes people come back a day or week after receiving prayer and testify that God answered our prayers.  And, praise God!, we have had a number people come into the kingdom of God through this ministry! Yet, we often don’t know what happens after we pray. And though we pray for healing and freedom from addictions, we often don’t see immediate answers. Many leave still sick.  However, we still press on.  Jesus says that whenever anyone who gives a glass (or bottle) of cold water to someone in need it touches his heart in a special way.  That is enough encouragement for us. 

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