And then Mother Teresa said,


“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.”         Mother Teresa

What better place to put yourself?

In Guelph, we are having a week of prayer September 28 to October 5 and it’s going to be so cool. Various churches are hosting evening prayer events with other churches supplying the guest speaker and even other churches supplying the worship teams!

Churches cooperating? Really? Is that allowed?

It’s going to be an awesome time of joining together in prayer and only God knows what will happen as a result. People have a habit of looking at prayer as coming to God with a shopping list or a Christmas list. 

And yes, God does tell us to ask for things. But He also shows that prayer is so much more than getting stuff. Prayer is spending time with God, being close to Him, desiring to be more like His Son and wanting Him to change us. I don’t spend time with those I love so I can get stuff. And God is the One above all that we are to love (Deuteronmy 6:5, Mark 12:30). So, I don’t spend time with God in prayer just to get stuff. I spend time with God to spend time with God!

To Rich Mullins, He’s an awesome God.

To John Mark McMillan, He is our prize.

To John Newton, He is our shield and portion.

So in that end of September/beginning of October week, many people from many churches will join together to spend time with God. If you’re around, please join us, you can check out the schedule of evening events at

As well, there is a 24-7 prayer room being set up at Lakeside Downtown by people from several different churches around Guelph. It’s a chance to try various creative prayer stations by signing up for an hour anytime from 11am Sunday September 28 to 11 am Sunday October 5. You could go liturgical, non-liturgical, kneel, stand, move or be still, draw, be loud or quiet, write, make music or art as prayer — if you’ve never tried creative or monastic approaches to prayer come on out and give it a try.

Most often heard comment after people spend time in a 24-7 prayer room?

“The time went so quickly. I’ve never prayed like that in my life!”

You can sign up for an hour of prayer at

Come put yourself into the hands of God and listen to His voice in the depth of your heart! 

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