A Little Sadness, A Little Joy. BTS

BTS… Back to school.

It is  with mixed emotions that I see my kids off to school this week.

It’s fun having them around in the summer. Makes for spontaneous silliness at home, snacking together and not having to make lunches! 

But then again, with three of them in the house it’s somewhat distracting for getting work done. Soooo, yeah back to school you go!

And that occasions a reminder to pray. Praying for my kids, their friends, their teachers (some of whom we’ve gotten to know a good bit) and the new adventures they will encounter. 

I think of making them new friends, being welcoming to new kids, reaching new milestones in a new grade, starting in a new school (yup one of them is taking that jump), getting a chance to try new things, and that of course, they would be safe. Also, makes me pray for our crossing guard who suffered the loss of a family member last year, teachers with new kids (their own babies not ours), the new principal, new bus drivers and the list kind of goes on and on. 

One of our joys (okay sometimes it’s a chore) is walking with one or two of our kids to school. Gives a lot of opportunity for spontaneous prayer depending on what we encounter on a given day. “God keep us open and attentive to the people You put in our paths.”

But as they go back to school, here’s a creative look at it. A music video the Holderness family made that shares a lot of my feelings.

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