Pete Greig Reminds Us



Via twitter, Pete Greig remind us that today was the day in 1727 that the Moravians at Herrnhut launched what turned out to be a 100 year prayer meeting and change the course of history.

And we remember that meeting as the predecessor of so many prayer meetings and rooms and initiatives today. The 24-7 prayer movement itself stems from that world shaking event in Herrnhut. 

Want to know more about the story? Check out great books like Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts, The Vision and the Vow by Pete Greig, or a marvelous biography of Ludwig Von Zinzendorf (the guy in the picture) entitled Lord of the Ring, In Search of Count von Zinzendorf  by Phil Anderson.

From the Moravian prayer meeting started by 24 men and 24 women ultimately the gospel spread as missionaries travelled  the world to take gospel to the nations. This was an unheard of idea in that time, in fact it was over 30 years prior to the birth of the man called the Father of the modern missions movement, William Carey. (Carey was inspired by the Moravians)

And now as then, prayer starts things!

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