Guerilla Prayer


Guerilla – often describes people using irregular, unexpected, subversive, unexpected and secretive tactics in warfare .

All around us there are opportunities to pray. You might think of much of it as guerilla prayer as it happens when people don’t request it or expect it. As you go, pray.

Think of the people you meet in your day. Pray for them as you encounter them or as you walk away. There is no one who doesn’t need prayer.

When I am walking with my dog along the trail near the highway I can’t help but notice the cars, trucks, buses, campers and emergency vehicles. I call it “praying for cars” but I actually pray for whoever is driving or travelling in the vehicles. And they don’t even know it!

Listening for the Spirit’s leading and being ready to spring into prayer is both fun and biblical. We have the mandate to praying continuously or without ceasing if you like. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Guerilla prayer can happen anywhere —  on the bus in the mall, on the street, at school or in the workplace.

Where will you try it? Spiritual and sneaky, nice combination.

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