The Value of Taking a Break



Get away.




Taking a break from work is a powerful time of refraining from power. The power I’m referring to is the power we gather in our work or education or by networking, connecting and otherwise being needed with others. But this ‘power’ is not all positive in our lives. The doing and being and becoming catch us up in momentum and then we work longer and harder to keep up and we don’t dare take a break for fear of the whole thing stopping. What we do dominates our lives.

Careers and vocations have a downside. They begin by belonging to us and then get to the point where we  belong to them.

Don’t think so?

How easy is it to disengage from your work, meetings, commitments, email, texts, conference calls, websites, phonecalls, twitter, facebook and more?

When we’re caught up in the cycle of work, communication and activity we get caught up in the idea that we are indispensible. It’s a godlike feeling. And some of us like it. And sometimes we just feel trapped. That’s why we need a break.

Does the world halt if there is no contribution from you to the overall busyness today? The world needs to be reminded that we are not cogs in a machine that keep everything afloat. We need the reminder too.

We need a break. We need rest and refreshment. We need to remember that God is in control. We are not.

Take a chance on the world stopping by taking a break. If you haven’t had a holiday this summer or in recent months then it’s time to arrange one. Start small if you must. A day, or a weekend. 

You might say, “but I take weeks every year”. And do you successfully disengage, untangle yourself from the web of demands?

I hope so. 

On the other hand, sometimes we take time off but keep checking email, answer those work/commitment emails/texts/calls. No. Don’t do it. Stop. There I said it. If you’re going to take a break then take a break.

To paraphrase Yoda, rest or rest not, there is no try!

Actually take a break. Turn off your email, phonecalls, conference calls, texts, twitter, facebook, blogging and the stuff of busyness.

Remember God and rest in the peace that He gives.

 Be fully aware of Him and you and how you are not the one who keeps the universe spinning.

Read Psalm 46:10. In the NASB says,

“Cease striving, and know that I am God.”

Read daily as needed

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