Imagination Feeds Prayer, Prayer Feeds Imagination

I love praying creatively.

I love to pray in unusual ways, unorthodox spaces and just anywhere anytime! That’s why I enjoy setting up 24-7 prayer rooms. They give us creative license to pray in many varied ways. We can pray with words, songs, painting, dancing, silence, loudness, movement, drawing, sculpture and so much more!

And God is there for all our many prayers. He’s always there, always listening and wants to spend time with each of us. So, we can pray anywhere, anytime and in so many ways!

Our imagination helps us to envision what God will do in answer to our prayers. God fuels our imagination and our imagination forms our prayers. When we are in touch with God our imagination fed by His Holy Spirit gives boldness, creativity and varied expression to our prayers. Without imagination I don’t think we would pray and without God and His response to our prayers we would lack imagination. 

Some might not connect God with imagination but keep in mind the first people referred to as having the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament were  artisans and craftsmen!

And speaking of imagination relating to prayer, the GOPHOP crew in Hamilton, Ontario are once again setting up a prayer truck this summer. You might want to ‘go hop’ down there and give it a try. I’ll have more info shortly. 



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