Stories Are For Telling


Local churches are made up of people, God’s people. Each church is different as the people who make it up are different. Different experiences, different contexts, different personalities and different gifts. But God looks at them and sees His people. His people who are unique, wonderful, strange, struggling, joyful and loved by Him.

I am part of a team currently visiting local churches doing workshops celebrating what God has done in their midst and how He has made them. We ask them to share their stories. We ask about things like achievements, heroes/heroines, areas that are often overlooked, traditions, areas of pain and trial, areas that excite the people, areas that are heavily invested in and more. 

And the stories come. They are amazing.

God moves in His people in so many ways; building, caring, reaching out, serving, encouraging, working together, in large flashy ways and in small ways. People coming to follow Christ, healings, selfless service, returning of prodigal sons to families. Tears flow, memories are shared and we are awed by how God works.

In Joshua 4, it records the Israelites crossing the Jordan and how Joshua commands representatives of the 12 tribes to take up a stone from the middle of the Jordan and take it with them to where they camp that night. And they set up those stones as a reminder of what God has done. Joshua says,

In the future your children will ask, ‘What do these stones mean?’ 

Then you can tell them, ‘This is where the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry ground.” Joshua 4:21-22

Sometimes we forget the stories. We overlook the ones that happened years ago and even the ones that are just happening now. Last night I spoke to a man who was new to the local church we visited. He had no idea the amazing things God had done there over the years. The stories told him so much about God and His people there. The people he was becoming a part of. 

God gives us stories in what He does, how He uses us and how He builds His Church.

Ask your church to share it’s stories with its people. The new people and the old ones need to hear. 

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