“Joy is the echo of God’s life in us”


“Joy is the echo of God’s life in us.”  

Columba of Iona

Joy. What does it mean to have joy? Well, as Columba said, I think joy is a reflection of God in us.

In spite of circumstance, in connection with God, in joining with the Church to see God’s love spread we find joy. Joy is in the monumental things that God does or in the smallest spark of His presence. 

This past weekend was the Victoria Day holiday weekend in Canada and one of the ways we mark it is with fireworks. Haven’t been to a local fireworks display in a while. But this weekend we were invited to join some friends for the fireworks put on by a few neighbours on their street. 

I’ve seen big fireworks. I mean really big fireworks – Washington DC on the 4th of July, Disney World, Fireworks festivals at Ontario Place – I’ve seen some spectacles of fireworkery. Might be a bit jaded by it all. But I really enjoyed the fireworks probably more than even the spectacular ones.

I watched my kids respond to the colours, noise and explosions. They ran and squealed and laughed in delight. I watched the neighbours share laughs, community and simple fun. It was fun. It was joyous.

God spoke to me in the midst of the fireworks, both in the fireworks themselves and also in the community we were a part of. There was joy in the moment. As Jesus followers we have great opportunity to share the joy and spread some too.  But here’s an important point:

Part of sharing the joy is going to the joy we find in others. 

We don’t need to be the ones to host it, make it or plan it. We can go to the joy. And yes it echoes the life of God in us but also in the ways He is with others. Because God is at work among people other than us. He goes ahead where He chooses.

Where have you seen joy lately?


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