God. Familiar but not.


I walked a trail I had not walked in many months. Didn’t plan on this walk. Just thought,  “this is a good day to walk that old trail”. So I did. God meets us in the spur of the moment, unexpected, waiting, available.

It’s been a rough winter. I must have scrambled around half a dozen toppled trees. What had once been a wide open trail was an obstacle course. But the trail drew me on.

Silence accompanies me. There’s only the sound of small splashes as I pick my way through spring puddles and mud. That and the occasional grunt as I climb over fallen trees. Thinking, musing, a tune of God’s love resounding through my soul. I’m remembering other times. Same God, other times.

The smell of spring, the sight of trees, sky, clouds, new life as plants green and prepare to fill the meadows and bush. There is a peace and an expectancy. I have been here before and so has the life set into motion by God. To walk in the familiar places and know that God is there. I found memories and thoughts of the future. There is all about me a sense of expectancy.

What next God, what next? I think I know but then I never really do, do I? It’s a step at a time along the trail with God.

Familiar trails, familiar God.

Familiar but not boring or redundant. Filled with full memories and new things to come. 

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