God In The Strip Club


Jesus went to the people.

And when we think of that we may most often think of the incarnation when He came to earth as a man to walk with us. But in another sense He didn’t limit His social connections. In the gospels, Jesus is sharing meals and hanging with people. Just people. Not people who were sanitized, squeaky clean, approved by those who thought themselves respectable. People. Like you and me., people who God created and loves. Often ones the religious folk didn’t approve of. And Jesus got criticized for it. 

We are the sent ones. It’s not our job to wait for people to come to us but for us to follow God into the world where He is working. 

God is there, it’s time we show up too.

In Guelph, Ontario, a new church started Easter Sunday in the city’s only strip club, The Manor.CTV News covered the story. 


The Manor, btw was the former Sleeman brewing family mansion in Guelph. And here’s a link to a blog about the Church at the Manor, written by Pastor Jack Ninaber,


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