Faith Like a Child

A couple of weeks back our 11 year old listened to God. And by listened, I mean she obeyed.

She was in youth group where they were talking about the feeding of the 5000 and she heard God say, “you should go and feed people.” So she told her mother and I that she wanted to take all her money out of the bank to buy cards from a popular coffee/donut chain and then give them to people who needed food. She had $320 in the bank.

Being good parents, we said, “All of it?” (That’s her paper route money and she had worked hard for it.)

She said, “Yes.”

Being good parents we helped her to do it. 

We went downtown and asked God to lead us to people who could use a meal. We met people sitting on benches, walking the streets, and at a drop-in run by an elderly nun we found dozens who could use a meal. The lead worker at the drop-in took her around and introduced her to people and explained that she had worked to make money and bought these gift cards for them. People were thankful, surprised, polite and very sweet to our girl.

And the beauty of it all is that she came away not awed by how she’s a good person for helping or how cool it was or how thankful people were. She came away with a feeling of having done what God wanted. I love that.

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