Just Away

Anagnorisis is a very old greek word referring to the point where someone makes a critical discovery about their identity and true nature. What a great theme for the lenten podcasts from 24-7 prayer!

As I write this I’m sitting in a lovely hotel room where my wonderful wife and I have escaped for some time apart. There is a jetted tub, a fireplace, and a king size bed. I do like all these comforts. All these touches of escape. I should add that it was a surprise engineered by my wife. So cool. But the best part is the escape itself. Quiet, set apart. Just away. Listening to one another and God and speaking with one another and God.

 And in my life I can think of times when I’ve been touched by God, heard Him speak to my heart and when I’ve come to a point of direction or clarity, an anagnorisis. Times set apart at a retreat centre, our cottage, in the car, at home, in a hotel, in a church gathering, on a trip somewhere or even over the kitchen sink doing dishes.

Where has that happened for you?

Doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic or set apart. But sometimes that does help. Maybe you need to set a time to be apart with God. That’s why we’re here. We needed to get away even for a short time. To be together as a couple and to be together and separate with our God.

Hey, maybe it’s as simple as plugging into the Lenten podcasts over the next few  weeks. You can access them at http://www.24-7prayer.com/blog/2215

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