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Yes, I’ll admit it, I didn’t know what that meant. But I do now. It’s Greek. I took Greek once. Actually it was a “crash greek” course. And I successfully crashed. It was not pretty. 

But what does Anagnorisis mean? It’s that moment when someone “makes a critical discovery regarding their identity and true nature”.  And that’s the series of Lenten podcasts coming up from 24-7 Prayer International. Leading up to holy week, there will be 6 weeks of podcasts on a series of biblical characters and what they discover. 

You might say, “but I don’t really do the lent thing”. Yeah, I get that. But don’t get hung up on that. God does new things and sometimes He does them through old things. So give it a try. Check out these podcasts and see where they speak to your faith. This is an important season and what’s it all really about? Jesus.

And He changed everything forever.

Check out Adam Heather’s trailer and info for the podcasts here, and you’ll be set to access the podcast videos when they begin. 

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