Spiritual Discipline Reflections pt 1- Submission

On January 30, Jill Weber wrote about the spiritual disciplines that New Monasticism interns in Hamilton were trying based on Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline. One of the cool things about the internship is that they post their reflections online for their community of interns to read. I love that they share with one another their joys and struggles as they experiment. With their permission, in the next few posts, we will feature reflections on various disciplines from some of the interns.

Sarah Wassink’s  Reflection on practicing submission:

I wrote out a bunch of verses to read each day, but I kept forgetting to read them. So I usually have just read them once a week. Ugh. I suck at consistency. I think I need a sticker reward chart for all the things I should do. I love stickers. That might help 🙂 or chocolate.

I wish I didn’t choose this discipline to work on. It made me realize how stubborn I am! I knew that submission was something I should work on, but I didn’t know it was that bad. For instance this morning, I chatted with Martha about reading the book and it came up that I didn’t read the sections about the disciplines that I’m working on because I didn’t want to read the chapters out of order. Uhhhh. Even in the small ways. I have to do it myyyyy waaaaaaaay!

The good news is that even though my love for God may fail, His love never fails! He is gracious and kind. His mercies are new every morning. He won’t give up on me. PTL. So my first step is to jump ahead and read the chapter on submission.

Thoughts on the chapter: Page 98 mentions that you can outwardly obey, but inwardly be in rebellion. I think that is true for me. Submission brings freedom to value other people. Rejoice with them, sorrow with them. I don’t want to say that I value my own plans above others. I started reading this thinking that I’m not really like that. You know, I don’t really think that I’m better than others. I love people. But as I stopped and looked deeper, I can see that deep down I have that tendency to think that I know best. I would justify it by thinking that it was just because I was blessed to have a good family that taught me well, a great education, and just the fact that I am one of the elite enlightened ones. This is embarrassing to type out… Fellow internship travelers, this is my confession. I think I know a lot.

God, give me a teachable spirit in the day to day interactions with neighbours and friends. Teach me to value others above my own thoughts and plans. 

Ok, this came to me after reading only 2 pages of the submission chapter. I don’t think I want to go on. Groan. What else am I going to unearth?

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