The Story of a Home pt. 2

our home

For two years this situation persisted. We tried every strategy we could think of, but we kept running into brick walls. We would have given up, but we kept on hearing in prayer and in confirmation that God wanted us to have this home, impossible as it was. Every prayer team that came down through the area would get brought to the sidewalk in front of that house and told to pray, pray, pray that we could move in. One of our friends from the neighbourhood who has huge issues with God (he regularly cusses God out) kept affirming for us: “Don’t worry, you’ll get the house. It will all happen.” We prayed and fasted. Our kids listened to God together for the house. But we began to despair.

Finally, our arrangement with the family that owned the house was coming to an end. They had been incredibly gracious with us, having patience while we sorted things out and offering a relatively cheap (for Vancouver) price. But if we could not come up with the money in two weeks’ time, they were going to move on.

Then it all happened. I won’t say it didn’t take work, because it did. But suddenly, doors flew open. A representative from one bank said he thought he could make it work, creatively. Friends and family started offering interest free loans. The paperwork and mortgage and insurance flew together. Before I knew it, I was in a lawyer’s office with one of my new housemates signing the mortgage and getting the keys to the house.  It was unbelievable.

One of my greatest joys was posting the information that we had closed on this dream house, and seeing all the people who had been praying for us for three years share our happiness.

attic reno

Eleven of us have now been living in the house for six months, slowly renovating the floors and the walls and the foundation and the garden, and slowly being renovated by living and loving in close community with one another. The first baby to be born in the house is coming this year, and we are anxiously awaiting some of our friends finishing treatment to come and join us as well. We have already experienced huge joys and huge heartbreaks, and even more incredible blessings from God and from others. Our kitchen and table is full of friends, family and neighbours (we needed four tables and three rooms on Christmas morning), and our life together is centered around a growing rhythm of prayer and fellowship.

Our First Christmas in Our New Home

Our First Christmas in Our New Home


It is absurd that we, who have nothing, would own a huge old home in Vancouver’s DTES, and that we could fill it with others in need of home. But God is able to accomplish the absurd. We believe this so much that we are now working on getting the house next door, so we can fill it with more friends and family! Please pray for us as God expands and deepens our vision for housing, recovery, and life in Vancouver.


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