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(this week I read the following note from Aaron White in Vancouver)

Do you know anyone who would benefit from a year at The War College? It is an intense year of discipleship, challenge, cognitive dissonance, heartache, joy, mourning, victory, struggle, teaching, reality and beauty. Students are pushed to grow in prayer, love, incarnation, humility, Bible knowledge, world knowledge, ethical commitment, and many other things beside. 
If you know anyone who should apply, tell them to check it out at

When I saw Aaron’s note, I thought two things.

First, do you know someone who would benefit from this? Please get them in touch. 

Second, as followers of Jesus isn’t this what we’re all called to? Not specifically the year in Vancouver with the War College. Geographical and other constraints would limit some of us. But the intense discipleship, struggle, prayer, heartache, joy and love drawing us closer to God and the people around us. A life of discipleship.

Most Christians don’t embrace it. Somehow we differentiate in the church world between Christians and disciples. Jesus didn’t. We unfortunately do.

This sounds like an exciting opportunity.  Is God passing this word along to you? Go for it!

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