Championing Prayer

It’s exciting to see how God is working across Canada in the 24-7 prayer community! Let’s conclude our memorable blog posts from 2013 with this one from our National Director, Chris Jones…


 Some long overdue thoughts for a little Canadian organization championing prayer from the ivory towers of academia to the lowest gutters of our nation’s streets, with the newest immigrant to our honored first nations peoples, and everyone and everywhere in between:

  1. Remember it’s about everyone. 24-7 Prayer in Canada has a mission to call everyone to prayer. If we long for God to move in our nation and continue His Kingdom redemption of politics, ecology and winter carnivals in Brantford (check out Frosty Fest if you don’t understand the reference!) then it will come when we ALL seek His face. Not merely the intercessor, or the super spiritual pastor, but the nurse, the construction worker, the youth leader, the student, the kid, the janitor, the stay at home mom, the neighbour,…you.
  2. Remember it’s about cities. 24-7 Prayer in Canada has a mission to call cities to pray. For too long we have seen our own ministries as little fiefdoms competing for ‘butts in the seats’ and not as an opportunity or conduit to bring our unique callings, giftings and passions together as the Body of Christ and release wisdom, compassion, kindness upon our cities together, and in unity begin to meet the felt needs of our cities. As we pray as a city, as the church in the city for our city, God allows us to walk in His influence and transformation is the result!
  3. Remember it’s about passion. 24-7 Prayer in Canada has a mission to call us to crazy passionate things. Pray all night, pray for a week non-stop, keep going, pray for a month, don’t stop, pray in your school, your gas station, your grocery store, your sports bar. Get creative, dance your prayer, draw your prayer, paint your prayer, engineer your prayer, be your prayer. See the need, meet the need, go, move, stay, follow Him. Allow intimacy with Him to fuel your engagement with your world.
  4.  Remember it’s about Jesus. 24-7 Prayer in Canada has a mission to call people into deep relationship as disciples of Jesus. It is always about Jesus. When you get with Jesus, when you discover that He has always been longing for you, that He has been praying 24-7 for you and that He loves you as you are and not as you will be….oh boy…then things get nuts.


That’s what we’re about! If you can help us realize this mission in Canada let us know! Maybe you can learn about hosting a room, maybe you can visit Aaron in Vancouver, or Jill in Hamilton and see what prayer communities are all about. Maybe you want to visit Brian and Dave in Brantford and see where prayer has led them as a city, maybe you can support us financially as we do this in Canada, or maybe you want to just do our books…let us know, and keep praying!



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