Time to Reflect

Christmas and New Years is a natural time to reflect. I find as I celebrate Christmas and think about Jesus’ birth it puts a lot of life in perspective. There’s a quiet pause and then moving into the new year.

Frankly, I don’t think the new year means much really to me. I don’t come up with resolutions based on January 1. Any changes or decisions come more in the aftermath of Christmas.  Things change in the light of God sending His Son and how that changed everything in human history. They change too because of what God has done in me (and it’s seldom on January 1).

Shepherds in a field. Shepherds doing what they did every single day. They weren’t expecting anything unusual that night long ago. But in an angelic encounter everything in their lives changed. I doubt they ever looked at a starry night in the fields the same again. They were probably still shepherds. I doubt they went on a speaking tour like Christian celebrities nowadays. Didn’t write a book about it. They were still shepherds. But everthing had changed.

The wise men, Herod, Mary and Joseph, even the innkeeper had a God encounter with that first Christmas.  A change in their lives because of God’s intervention. And things did change. Things changed for us all.

On Christmas day,  I was walking our dog and as I gazed at the houses along the way I got thinking about how much God loves the people in them. I was moved to pray. Whatever their joys or struggles that day, whether they were with loved ones or alone I prayed for them and the change God might make in their lives.

Christmas celebrations have wound down for most of us. Many will celebrate the beginning of 2014. But have we taken time to let Christmas soak in? It doesn’t have to be on a stat holiday, or a family event. It can be today or tomorrow. Jesus is there every day. Whether it’s a quiet spot in your home, walking in the beauty of God’s creation, doing a  mindless household chore, driving in your car with the radio jabber turned off or listening to a Christmas carol there are spots to reflect and encounter Jesus. Time to reflect on the change in your life that comes from the Saviour’s birth so long ago.


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