Disappointments and Little Seeds part 1

Since moving to Hamilton last January, I’ve had one foot in the Greater Ontario House of Prayer, and one foot in a little nonprofit bike shop in the East end where I work as a bicycle mechanic. It’s been a struggle to balance these parts of my life; it makes me wonder how Paul managed as a tent-maker. Didn’t he ever get so ito and excited about his work that he let the ministry part slide? Or, perhaps ministry is all he ever thought about, and making tents was really just a ‘necessary evil’ because he had to eat. I can’t do that… I need to love what I do. I’d like to learn how to balance these parts well. 


However, recently I was let go from the bike shop for the winter season. I cycled home, thinking that I should have known that it was coming, feeling discouraged and un-needed. 


Since coming back from the 24/7 Prayer International Conference in Dublin, prayer spaces in schools (an initiative of 24/7 Prayer) has been occupying a lot of my thoughts. I went to a conference about them in London, visited some working prayer spaces East of London, and have been meeting with folks regarding them in Hamilton since I returned. The thing I love about interactive creativity-based prayer spaces in schools, is that they teach kids helpful tools to better process life events and emotions. For example, Scott and Christie from the Stanford-Le Hope boiler room East of London had created an activity to help schools kids process through their feelings of disappointment. A story with a picture was pinned up, sharing about an Olympian gymnast who had to overcome her disappointment and creatively use it for good. The kids were told to hold a little seed in their closed palms, think about something that has really disappointed them, and plant it in the pots, filled with soil. They then write on a paper leaf a creative hope that might come out of this disappointment, and stick it up to a construction-paper vine. When I planted my little seed, there was already a veritable garden of little bean sprouts growing! 


When I was riding home, disappointed, I thought of that little activity. I thought of holding my little seed, and creatively imagining some next steps. I thought of all the kids that went through that prayer space in Stanford, that have also been given the tool of processing through disappointment with creative hope.

 pt. 2 coming soon!


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