Lord, teach us to pray?

t was a simple enough request from the disciples to Jesus.

Motivated by seeing John the baptizer teach his disciples and from observing Jesus’ rhythm of prayer-filled relationship with the Father, they asked, “Lord, teach us to pray?”

And Jesus did. He knew what they wanted. He had modelled it for them. How He regularly took time to be with His heavenly Father. To be a disciple of Jesus means being like Him not just having learned stuff.  And so He taught them to pray by using what we call The Lord’s Prayer.

And there’s a new course from 24-7’s Pete Greig that teaches us how to praying using this same prayer. A great resource for church, small group or individual, it includes 6 video sessions and notes (a cheat sheet) to help in the learning.

The sessions are Adoration, Petition, Intercession, Perseverance, Listening and Warfare.

You can access it FREE at http://www.prayercourse.org/ ]]>

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