Reflection on Remembrance Day by Kyle Beaty

November 11th the day Canada remembers the soldiers and others who went off to war (doctors, nurses, cooks and whoever else). All over Canada in many different cities some sort of Remembrance Day ceremony had been held to honour the men and women that died or made it back or are still fighting for this country of ours, so we can be free. We as Canadians should honour all the men and women that have ever fought for this country or have died for this country because what they did for us is deserving of  honour. It upsets me when I hear or see people disrespecting the men and women that help make this country free as it is today. 


I thank God for all the soldiers that defend this country; past – present & future! I don’t know what it must have been like back in the two big wars, but it must have been scary for all that went off to war and scary for the families back here in Canada. Thank God Canada was able to go and help win, but it must be tough for all the families/friends that lost someone in the battle of war. 


Today at 11:00am I took two minutes to reflect and say “Thanks!”; I hope that all of us that call ourselves Canadian took at least the two minutes that happens at 11:00am, but in my opinion this day should really be a holiday, so we can give the real thanks the soldiers deserve. Two minutes is good, but not enough there should be more; more then two minutes. We need to honour the men and women that fought/still fight in a better way then most of us do. 


What I do to celebrate each year (besides going to a ceremony when I have the day free to go); I take two minutes then later when I get home I sit back and watch a movie to do with the Canadian Army, so tonight I watched “Passchendaele”; WOW those men really went into the battlefield, so our country could stand free; most of them were scared and a number never came home. This movie just scratchs the surface of what it was like fighting in World War One, but it probably was a lot worse then the movie showed. Again I “Thank!” all the men and women……


I think more needs to be done to honour all the soldiers for helping keep this country free. We all as Canadians need to stand up and thank GOD for all the men & women. We need to be more respectful to ALL the men and women that have fought/still fight to keep this country free.


Lord thank You for everyone that has gone to war to keep Canada FREE. Lord I ask that You help all of those that are back from war and are dealing with the after effects; heal them Lord and bring them help. Lord thank You and all you Soldiers THANK YOU!!!


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