Cell Phones and Alien Encounters

Everyone’s got a cell phone camera and so the UFO’s have stopped coming!

This idea was floated last week in a blog by Seth Godin. (http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/09/cell-phone-cameras-repel-ufos.html)

So, does the fact that we can now document the visits of extraterrestrials make them not want to visit earth? Oh, that stinks! Just when we’re ready to snap the picture they refuse to show up. Although that wasn’t really what he was talking about it got me thinking. Made me think of prayer and how it is in or out of our lives.

Are there things we do that cause us to pray more or less?

Is it the way we schedule our time or the way we allow others to schedule our time?

Have other activities taken over the priority of prayer?

Have other people taken the time we once spent with God?

Is it our mindset? Do we think we can handle our lives on our own?

Or have we stopped praying because we haven’t received an answer or an experience of God ?

Which then leads to the question, how do we get back to prayer?

 -Do it with someone else. Hey, it helps people to exercise if they don’t do it alone so why not prayer?

            -Take a risk. Maybe we’re too safe and so we feel self-sufficient. Step out of the boat to use a biblical metaphor. Faith includes risk.

            -Start again. The beauty of life and God’s mercy and forgiveness is that we can start over and over and over.

            -Look at the world. That is a motivator for prayer. Don’t hide, don’t retreat. Engage and pray as God leads.

            Read the Bible. God wrote you and me a note. A note that never gets old. Crack it open or access it on your mobile device and dive in. A note leads to a chat.

            -Reconnect with God. That’s what prayer is. It’s not a cosmic list of wants or a to do list. It’s you and the Creator of the universe, Father, Son and Spirit getting together. Grab a cup of tea, a quiet spot, a time devoted and reconnect with the One who knows and loves you like no other. He’s already there.

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