Your Truck was on Facebook!

In previous years, closing the Prayer Truck has always been depressing and upsetting. Our team felt like we were just getting some momentum.  Our friends and neighbours were dismayed that the Truck wouldn’t be there any more.

This year, we decided to end on a more cheerful note, with a celebration barbecue.  Seventy friends, old and new, joined us.  Many thanks to Paul Maynard from Wipeout Specialty Cleaning, who brought his barbecue and donated all the dogs.

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The evening ended with our joining hands in a big circle right there in the parking lot, praying and worshipping together.  Then I got into the truck and drove it away, and honked like crazy while everyone cheered like crazy.  There ya go – much happier ending.

The next day, I returned the truck to the company we had rented it from.  We had been quoted $700-$1000 for the three and a half weeks, and had paid $270 up front.  When I got to the front desk, the clerk checked me in.

“You’re Jill Weber?” He asked.

When I said “Yes”, he looked up at me, grinned, and said “Your truck was on Facebook!”

“Do I know you?”  I was perplexed.

Then he handed me a receipt that said the balance owing was….



“I think you made a mistake,” I said.  “And I guess you figured out that we’re a Christian charity, so I wanna make sure I’m not ripping you off.”

By this time, all three clerks were grinning.  They shoved the receipt back at me.

“I guess you just need to say a prayer for each one of us tonight!”, one chirped. “God must like that truck!” the other cheeped.

Bemused, I walked out of their office.  I guess God does like the Prayer Truck!

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