Encounter Culture, Dublin 2013 by Ian Nicholson, Guildford UK

This week I have been focusing on shaping Encounter Culture, 24-7’s October gathering in Dublin, our first fully global time together for 3 years. It has amazed us how it is coming together and two things stand out immediately.

Firstly this will be a genuinely global event! We have more confirmed delegates from Asia than ever before with friends coming from across the continent. We have a leader who has pioneered a prayer movement among students in India and seen over 20,000 come to Christ in ten years. There is a Singaporean businessman 

with a vision to plant prayer room cafes across the continent and Japanese friends working to restore their nation from the devastating effects of the  earthquake of 2011. There will be a number who are working in restricted access nations – coordinating years of prayer and running a healing home for an unreached people group. Our 24-7 friends from Hong Kong will be present, of course, to share about their work in building a community of hospitality, prayer and worship for the city and region.

We have contributors who are working and living in the hot spots of North Africa and the Middle East and another who is planting a 24-7 Prayer community in a South African township where drug abuse, gangs and gun violence are an every day reality.

One fifth of the registrations are from North America with a large group from the Canadian communities booking in recently.
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