I’m Back!

Back from holidays and time to get things straightened up. There’s laundry to do, cleaning to do (how does the house get dirty when we’re not here?), groceries to get and a multitude of emails to attend to.

(sorry for being premature if you haven’t had a break or returned yet)

Basically, “I’m back so time to get  things back in order” (or at least as close as they get, I find order in a certain level of chaos too).

How about spiritually speaking? Well, of course, on holiday there’s so much more time to pray, read the Bible and spend quiet with God right? Well, sometimes there is. Okay, so come catching up is good for the spiritual life too. The routine of daily life helps to have a routine of God times as well. That’s good. But it’s not just about getting back into routine it’s also time to clean up.


What is there in my life that needs cleaning up spiritually speaking? Have I let bad habits, laziness, or sin accumulate as I’ve been relaxing? Metaphorically, would I say there is dirt accumulating on the windows I see God through? Returning from a break is a good time to evaluate. Are there goals or desires I want to explore in my time with God. Do I want to get into (or back to ) memorizing verses, reading through the Bible in a year, reading a book of the Bible each week or month or how about fasting once a week or month?


Do I want to take up a rhythm of prayer like going through the book, Common Prayer in this next year? I could start using the Moravian daily texts which are available via email athttp://www.moravian.org/subscribe.html. Or I could use the excellent 24-7 prayer app which includes verses, inspiring quotes, prayer needs from around the world, news from the 24-7 international site and videos. Check it out athttp://www.24-7prayer.com/daily.


Is there a spiritual challenge that I’d like to start up as I return from work? Maybe not even that I’d like to start but that God is calling me to?


As you return to work, school, or whatever your routine, consider what cleaning up and starting up you’d like to do.  And if you’re not back, save that thought for your  return. 😉

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