Questions About Prayer part 2 by Jim

I enjoy getting together with people and setting up creative prayer rooms.

In and around those rooms, people over and over tell me, “I’ve never prayed for more than 5 minutes in my life ! But the hour went so quickly! I couldn’t get through all the stations, I have to come back.” And they sign up again. Sometimes they sign up for several days in a row.

This one man. He and I have talked over coffee. Well, he talked and I listened mostly. His life is difficult. He’s not so much into prayer. On his own maybe, but never out loud. Very private.
Regular guy. Quiet about his faith, you probably know him and his friends.
This time he came to the prayer room. When no one else was around.
He liked it. He asked, “is it okay if I come again?”
“Wellllllll, okay,” I said.
And he did — three more times.

Who do you pray with? Who would you like joining as colabourers?
And we pray about all kinds of stuff not just about us. I look forward to that.

Who would it be fun to pray with?
Do you ever think of prayer as fun? As joyous?

Do you challenge and invite people to meet the living God in a new way in prayer?
Or do they pray the usual way mostly?

What about people who don’t know God yet? Do you ever invite them to talk to Him?

If I wanted to introduce you to my friend David, I might say,
“Here’s David. He’s a great guy, he and you have a lot of common ground.”
And I’d let you two talk about stuff. How about trying that with God?

When you come to pray do you know what to expect?
When you come to pray does the Father surprise you?

Do you always pray the same?
Why not try something new or creative?
God does new. He does creative big time. Just look out the window or in the mirror.
He does it better than anyone else.

Kevin is a friend of mine who is artistic. And it’s not just that he’s artistic but he also helps others to express themselves in art. He’s sharing who he is and helping others explore themselves.
What can you do that expresses you to God?
Use the creativity He has given you.

Prayer is love, a hug, fun, a cry, mystery, trust, surprising, an introduction, expressive, creative, artistic and not always what we think.

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