Romans 1:20 by Nicola Gladwell

Tonight, the crickets and loons sing as the northern lights dance across the star-lit sky. The midnight expanse stretches out before me, my mouth hangs open in awe and disbelief…I raise my arms up in worship, imitating what creation was created to do so naturally. An owl, awake and soft-spoken somewhere high above me in the tree tops, lulls my tired yet thrilled soul to sleep.

A member of the 24/7 community in Hamilton and eagerly awaiting my trip to Ireland in October, I am currently planting thousands of trees in northern Ontario: jack pine, black spruce, and white spruce seedlings pass through my hands each day into the rich mineral soil of the Canadian shield. 9.5 cents for each tree I plant; in this way I afford to live and serve in the Hamilton community with a part-time job at a bicycle co-op. I have learned so much from my friends in Hamilton, and eagerly await the end of my contract so I can rejoin them. I’ve been reading a chapter of Romans each night with a friend here, and when I stepped outside after our reading, the night sky blew me away… reminding me again that the first prayer space was among the dewy grass and the stars.


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