a request for something cool by Jim Tice on behalf of Kyle & Miriam

My friends Kyle and Miriam live in Hamilton Ontario and they are looking for two new housemates. And the cool thing is that they’re not just looking for roommates. Rather they live in covenantal community with several others sharing household duties, mission, faith and life. This kind of living in community is happening more and more around the world and especially in 24-7 prayer communities. Here’s their request:

To Everyone:


I am posting this because Me and Miriam need 2 roommates for the community house that we run. We have 2 rooms open as of June 1st,

1st Room – upstairs

2nd Room – in the basement

both rooms cost the same $650 – covers: room, hydro, heat, water, laundry (washer/dryer), internet, phone and food

We are a prayer community house; in our house we have a prayer room upstairs. We eat dinner together 4 of 7 days a week; each person has one chore and we do devotions once a week. We pray for each other and try to help each other where we can. We have adopted our block and we do prayer walks along our street. Currently we have two other guys living here along with me & Miriam’ then every other weekend & Monday-Wednesday-Friday one of the guy’s boy comes over (when it is every other weekend he stays over).

You can pass this info to your church or people you know looking for a room. We are looking for a guy or a girl and even a married couple (only the upstairs room would work for a married couple) the basement room is good for one person only…


If you or someone you know is interested, you can contact Kyle at redfishgenerationcom

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