“Better out than in I always say”

Don’t you wish you knew Greek? I know I do. See the New Testament was written in Greek – probably not news to those of you who grew up in church – but if you’re just learning about Jesus it might be interesting to know that! Think about it, your pen pal wrote you a letter in a language that isn’t our first language, so all the nuances and depth of definition might be lost…unless we dig deep and explore and discover what is hidden away in the depths of translation.

I studied English literature in University and several texts that we read were written in other languages than English and in order to study them we looked at a number of translations. One translation wasn’t enough since it was an interpretation of what was written, so to properly grasp the passage we needed to read multiple translations.

The same is true for the Bible. I wish I knew Greek, I don’t. I tried once through correspondence. It didn’t fly. I don’t think Greek through correspondence was such a good plan. In recent years, however, I’ve found a way to cheat. There is a Wuest translation that is kind of cumbersome but gives a lot more depth to the passage. Take for instance Acts 1:14. The NIV reads, “They all joined constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brothers.” Pretty neat, pretty neat indeed. There’s praying going on, it’s happening constantly, both genders are in involved, what’s not to love?! Check it out in the Wuest translation though, “these all continued to give their persistent attention with absolute unanimity to prayer which was characterized by its definiteness of purpose, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with His brethren.” WOW! That’s intense. Persistent, absolute unanimity, definiteness of purpose. Now we’re talking!

Right at the moment where Jesus launches His disciples, and us, out into mission through the power of the Holy Spirit there was prayer. But it wasn’t just any prayer, neither was it sporadic prayer or solitary prayer. It was together, constant, and definite. It may surprise you to learn that this team leader needs to be reminded to make prayer a priority. Like exercise, prayer seems to be relegated to our left over time, unless we make a place for it.

Can I encourage you, and me, to make a place for prayer. To seek out opportunities to prayer together in absolute unanimity for your city, and your country. To pray with definiteness of purpose and to give it persistent attention.

We’d love to help you do that too! So, if you need a kick start or maybe just a partner in the journey – drop us a line!

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