a new year

Our middle daughter, Molly, started a newspaper route a… … couple of months ago. We grilled her on whether she was ready to take on the responsibility of delivering papers 6 days a week, on a time deadline, in rain, snow, sleet or hail (sounds postal) no matter what. It’s a big commitment.

I’ve never had a paper route. Ever. So, this was something new to my experience.

And she has done a great job with it! She seldom complains about having to do her papers and often does it on her own. Some days my wife or I join her on her route. It’s turned out to be great time spent with Mol. We get to just hang out, talk, work together and enjoy the great kid she is.

The other day I was with Molly on her route and enjoying the brisk yet sunny walk. We were chatting and joking around. It occurred to me that if we hadn’t let her take on this new endeavour we wouldn’t have this particular time with her. It’s a new thing with a great benefit. Glad we didn’t miss this new opportunity.


Interesting word, what does new mean to you?

Is it the loss or death of something old? Is it the freshness of starting or changing something?

I think new as a word can be threatening. Some of us thrive in the place of tradition, status quo, patterns, habits and comfy places. That’s not all bad. Tradition can be a wonderful thing. But we can miss some interesting moments and more if we flee the new.

What if God wanted to tell us something with something new? What if He wanted to spend time with us in a new way?

I’ve certainly seen God’s blessings in this time spent with Molly. How about in the time we spend with God?

Do we rely on a tradition, habit or comfort? Are we afraid to try something new?

One of the best parts of 24-7 prayer rooms for me is seeing people try new ways to pray. Different styles or approaches. For example, if they’re not ‘artsy’ but try drawing or expressing their prayers to God with paint or clay or crayon. (crayons are not just for kids who are not allowed markers!) Or the contemplative types who try singing or dancing or ‘creative movement’ to pray.

I love that.

So, as we enter this new year, why not consider something new in your prayer. There’s few limits to what you could do.

If you normally sit quietly, how about singing (quietly counts)

Or if you pray alone how about asking a friend to join you.

Or if you sing and dance in prayer how about being still and silent.

Or if you have a set aside private prayer space how about going somewhere else, maybe somewhere more public .

Ask God for ideas. He does new. And would He steer you wrong?

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