The Healing Power of Hospitality

I flopped back on the couch and let the noise and motion swirl around me. Happy chaos. Babies chuckling, little boys leaping over furniture, pots clattering. “Would you like some tea?” my friend Bambi’s voice floated from the kitchen.

It’s 18 years ago. I’m a single mum of an infant, and badly frayed around the edges after a horrific 18 months of domestic violence. Finally free and clear of danger, but my life has unraveled…

What I needed was family, and a place to rest, and that is what my friend provided. A couple of days a week I would drag myself over to her house, plop myself on the couch and let her busy family life (four young children!) wash over me. What a gift it was. God puts the lonely in families, and Bambi and her brood adopted me warmly and gleefully.

Eventually I got up off the couch and began to make myself useful and for a season we raised our children together. Hannah even had her own high chair at their house, within which she somehow managed to get spaghetti sauce all over the back of her… … head!

There was something so healing, so restorative, about being welcomed into another’s home, life and family.

At our Community House we have a guest room. It’s the nicest room in the house – full of light….

We are so excited about the opportunity we have to enfold visitors into our little family here. A recent guest was apologizing about the inconvenience. “You don’t understand,” I said, “how much joy it gives us to be able to have you with us.”

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