Pastors as Pray-ers

I recently heard of a pastor who had come from Africa to Vancouver in order to complete his theological education at a very renowned institution here. When he explained to his professors how pastors operated in his home country, he was urged not to fall into typical Western pastoral patterns, but instead to retain the sense of prayer as his primary responsibility.

So now, shepherding a very large congergation, he only spends two days a week “working” on Church-related matters, admin, business issues, program, etc…, and spends the rest of the time in prayer for his congregation. Amazing. He understands that the very best thing he can do for the people entrusted to him is to pray for them.

I’m not necessarily suggesting this exact ratio for any pastors out there, but I am asking you to examine your current ratio. How much of what you do is relying on your own abilities, and how much is acknowledging God’s ability?

For those who are not pastors, you are still called to pray. Check your own ratios. But as importantly, give your pastor the freedom and encouragement to pray. Most pastors will feel absolutely bogged down in “urgent” matters, and cannot find the time… … or space to pray. Churches need to relieve these burdens, so that pastors can take on their true roles as shepherds in the model of Jesus.

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