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We’re really excited to have recently joined efforts with Chab Dai Canada to help end sexual abuse and Trafficking!! We will be posting info on how you can pray against sexual abuse and trafficking in Canada and Chab Dai will be hosting ‘Advocacy for Action’ days to teach on the issue and give people practical ways of doing something about it right in their own city/neighborhood (for now this is only happening in Montreal, but please let us know if you would like to do something like this in your city).

If you would like to donate toward this cause you can do so through 24-7 Prayer Canada, simply specify that it’s for human trafficking or Chab Dai and those funds will go toward the work we’re doing together.

This is a little more on the Organization:

“Working Together to End Sexual Abuse and Trafficking”

Chab Dai (“joining hands” in Khmer) was founded in 2005 in Cambodia as a coalition to build collaboration among organisations working against human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Chab Dai Canada was founded in 2009 and works toward coalition building, awareness raising and advocacy amongst Canada-based anti-trafficking organisations. Chab Dai Canada focuses on issues of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation… … in Canada, Cambodia, and across the globe.

Core Values

ϖ KNOWLEDGE FOR SHARING… We are committed to addressing issues of abuse, exploitation and trafficking by working together and providing opportunities for learning.
ϖ ADVOCACY FOR JUSTICE… We believe partnership in coalition creates more collaboration for advocacy, and enables organizations to support one another more effectively.
ϖ SUPPORT FOR STRENGTH… Working together enables us to keep our individual identities while also acknowledging the broader issues we face as a whole.
ϖ HOPE FOR THE FUTURE… We exist so that families and communities at risk, and those who have been sexually abused, exploited or trafficked, can receive appropriate care and recover their dignity.

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