Praying for the Democratic Republic of Congo

This November, please join us in a global movement of prayer for peaceful elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

DRC is a nation at the heart of Africa that has suffered many years of hardship and war, and is known as one of the worst places in the world for sexual gender-based violence. DRC’s second-ever democratic elections are scheduled for November 28th. The election period is an extremely fragile time for the country. Many fear that rebel leaders and others will use the elections to stir up renewed violence. There have already been several incidents of violence in the capital and other regions.

Yet we know that with God all things are possible. DRC is over 80% Christian with many thriving churches and Christian ministries operating in a context of extreme poverty. The churches in DRC are asking for other churches around the world to stand in solidarity and faith with them as they pray for peace. Please join us in praying for a peaceful election period so that this country can continue to move forward in greater peace and stability.

Please pray for:
1) Pray for peaceful campaigns in the period leading up to the election day. Pray against any spirit of violence… … or division, and especially against any renewed violence from rebel groups or political parties.
2) Pray that the right candidates emerge and that God would move the hearts of the chosen leaders to pursue a path of peace and integrity that would benefit all people in DRC
3) Pray that the overall outcome of the election would lead to greater peace, stability, and prosperity in DRC
4) Pray for those who are most vulnerable during this period – that God would protect the innocent
5) Pray that the church in DRC would take its place as a voice of peace and justice, empowered by the Holy Spirit

Please join us in prayer wherever you are. Our prayers will be supporting the wonderful people of DRC and the many churches there that are praying for peace.

We know that our God is a God of the impossible, and that things change when we pray. We know He loves this great nation and longs to see it truly prosper.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help or pray, please consider visiting the following sites:
Alternatively – If you would like more information or to have your church signed up for the here.
Other good sites:
For a Canadian facebook page with more info:
Or for World Vision’s page on DRC:

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