Rejuvenate – Day 1

Last night was a wonderful rejuvenating gathering! It was wonderful to connect with friends old and new from Ontario and beyond! The evening started with Aaron from The Well leading us into the Lord’s Presence, and then our very own Chris Jones shared with us about how when we make our intimate communion with God a priority, “Fruit Happens.” We will post an exerpt from his talk soon!

This morning we are meeting in focus groups around the city to discuss three questions:
1. Is prayer an escape from actually taking responsibility in this world and in our cities? Why or why not?
2. Should we focus more on praying with “the saints” (the church), or praying with those outside the church. Why? And how does this affect the way that we pray?
3. What are teh obstacles to prayer in your own life, in your church, and as a city/national prayer movement? What is the purpose of prayer in your life, in your church, in the city/national movement?

This afternoon we will be having a talkbacks session to share our responses. It’s likely to be lively!

Tonight we are hearing from Richard Long from Together Canada as he shares about Rejuvenating Prayer in our Cities. … … After the evening session, the gathering is going to spill out into the James Street North Art Crawl on a mission of kindness!

Tomorrow afternoon we’re having some wonderful workshops – hope you can join us:
2 pm
– The Art of Collaboration – Richard Long and Jill Weber
– Captain Kindness and the City of God – by Captain Kindness, or at least his alter ego, David Carrol
3 pm
– Exegeting Your City – Daria Nordazza
– Praying with the Damned – how to Create an Inclusive Prayer Space – Aaron White

It’s not too late to come and join us! Hope to see you here!

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