God at Work in Canada

We’ve been home about a week now from our North American adventure and have had some great time to rest, reflect and think about what our trip meant to us. We have agreed that we’d never drive 12,000 km’s in 25 days again but we’re so glad we did it and have memories that will last forever.

It’s hard to pin-point a favorite part because there were so many highlights. Overall, I’d say my favorite experience was just seeing our entire country (almost). From the lakes in Ontario to the prairies, then the mountains and the ocean… the landscape of our country is just beautiful. I loved every part of the drive… except when Matt got distracted by the beauty as well and tried taking pictures while he drove, that was a little nerve racking!

We met people in 14 cities across Canada and got to hear about all that God is doing in their city (you can see the videos at www.24-7prayer.ca). We saw places like the Pegwatch Prayer furnace in Winnipeg, where they have been praying non-stop there for almost 7 years. We met some new friends in Vernon, Clint and Denise, who help run a fair-trade, non-profit, social justice… … coffee shop. It was amazing. All the money they make goes towards human trafficking or other justice projects. They have a room upstairs that community groups like AA or youth groups, could use free of charge- totally impacting their city. They also have a 24-7 Prayer room right downtown Vernon with a code lock on the door so that anyone with the code could go pray anytime. Denise lives right next door to the room; my dream! Clint takes youth from the local high school out to do street work on Friday nights, then they go back to the prayer room and write the names of the people they met on the walls and find ways to creatively ‘pray’ for them… and these aren’t church kids!

Overall, a real theme that consistently came up was UNITY. Unity among Christians, unity in churches, city-wide church unity… In many cities that unity has begun and it’s transforming the way people are doing ministry TOGETHER. In other places, unity is the desire of their hearts that they’re praying for… So it’s coming! We heard from a UBC student who is working to unite over 14 campus ministries through prayer together on campus. In Brantford, Ontario their city ministerial, called One Church, is now going beyond just meeting together but also serving their city together in unity- as One Church! Amazing!

Our vision for 24-7 Canada the past few years, that we’ve sensed from God and continues to grow stronger, has been to unite the Church in cities in mission-minded prayer. It’s incredible to actually see this happening across Canada and to be a small part of what God is doing here.

Thanks so much for praying for us as we went.

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