How Does an 'almost' Olympic Athlete make time to pray?

This is a blog written by my awesome sister, Rosanna Tomiuk, about how she makes time to pray. Part of Canada’s Senior National water polo team working hard to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, entrepreneur and singer/songwriter, this is how she describes carving out time with God each morning…

Good Mornings

It’s 6am, my alarm rings, and I’m up. I’m not distraught or exhausted. I’m mostly excited because before me lies over an hour to eat breakfast, pray and do my Bible study before I leave for practice.

While the world still sleeps.

This is the secret place. This is the quiet place. This is the time that I feel the least resistance against the messy array of dreams I have for my life.

I make some coffee, light a candle, and sit on the comfy, blue couch.
“Good morning, Papa. How are you? What do you have for me today,
Lord?” I work through an inductive Bible study and grab hold of a lesson that ends up enveloping my thoughtsl throughout my commute to the pool.

Lately, however, the couch hasn’t been enough. I retreat back to my room, close the door, throw a sweater on the floor by my bed and kneel to pray. I pray out loud, partly to avoid an aimless thought… … pattern, but also because it simply feels more powerful.

I kneel by my bed because I believe, perhaps now more than ever, that
I cannot do anything on my own. The story that is writing itself with
my life is so beyond me that I might finally be desperate for God.

And I confess, I am somewhat afraid. “Am I making a mistake, Papa, by
being a water polo player and a singer/songwriter and a communicator
and an entrepreneur? Am I setting myself up for failure? But it feels right…if I can manage my time well…because they’re all connected, and I’m helping people. Help me manage my time, Lord. What are You doing with me? It’s exciting and overwhelming! But take away whatever You need to take away. I want Your story, not my own.”

And then I repeat that, “I want Your story, not my own…”

I rise from prayer and scurry out the door. Another day is before me.

One day at a time, sweet Jesus. Something about the time I spent
before God gives me confidence and purpose. I realize that no matter
how life unfolds, I know God! That’s what matters. He teaches me and
reshapes my perspective as I pursue dreams as a part of the human
experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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