City-wide Prayer forming in Guelph, Ontario!

Jim and I started chatting via email almost 3 years ago. He had heard about 24-7, read Red Moon Rising and wanted to see his church pray 24-7, the common email I receive from church leaders. A finally got to meet Jim around 2 years ago and over coffee he shared more of his vision with me. His pastoral heart and genuine care for people is actually the biggest thing I remember about that first conversation.

Jim slowly shared the vision of non-stop prayer with his church. If I remember correctly, he started by creating a room and running it for just a short time on a Sunday. That eventually grew… and continues to grow! His church has now done weeks of prayer and have committed to a consistent rhythm of starting each month with 24 hours of non-stop prayer.

With a bigger vision for city-wide prayer in Guelph, Jim now goes to other church prayer meetings to share the vision of a united 24-7 Prayer space.

Last but not least, Jim has an awesome blog you could check out to learn more about what’s happening in Guelph and connect with people with the same heart and vision for the city! It’s amazing!!… … Check it out here

Please keep Jim in your prayers as he works mobilize prayer in his city. This is what he recently wrote in an email, which is something we could be praying for:

“There’s a real sense of God moving and anticipation as we seek a venue for a room dedicated to prayer. Also, my family is planning to move into the city (from just south of town) so we’re also praying about whether God might lead us to a home with a separate building or extra space where we could house a prayer room either to start or long term. Not sure where we’re going but I got a real sense recently that God was saying “sell your house and dependon me for the next step”. Very exciting times!”

Keep on Jim!!

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