The 3030 Challenge for the 2020 Vision

We just got home from an inspiring weekend in Ontario with the 24-7 Canadian national team. It’s always a refreshing time to come together, worship, pray and strategize about how we as an organization could better serve Canada in mobilizing 24-7 Prayer.

The amazing and humbling thing about 24-7 Prayer that we discussed this weekend is that it’s a movement way before we’re an organization. What I mean by that, is that God is moving, especially in the younger generation, and calling people to prayer perhaps like never before. These prayers are then changing lives and fueling some incredible mission. Internationally, the stories coming from Africa and Asia are just way beyond an organizational effort. Even here in Canada, I’m happy to initiate prayer rooms and ‘promote’ 24-7 Prayer as much as I can… but in all honesty, almost all my work right now is people who are coming to me who are hungry for prayer and just want to know what steps to take to make it happen.

We’ve been praying for young leaders to rise up on the east-coast. Just a couple weeks ago I received an email from a young woman in Cape Breton who was… … leading a prayer room hosted by a city-wide group of young adults!! They just prayed for a week straight. THIS IS GOD!! Last weekend in Montreal we had our first ever city wide prayer event. We prayed for 48hrs, over 100 people from around 15 churches came to pray. THIS IS GOD!! In 2010, through Unite Canada 2010, we had 406 days of prayer registered in 23 cities across Canada. In 2011, the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists (around 500 churches in Canada) have committed to a year of non-stop prayer. The Salvation Army in Edmonton is also praying 24-7 all year. THIS IS GOD!! The stories of prayer coming out of Canada alone are just amazing. YES, THIS IS GOD!!

Although God is moving way beyond our futile efforts, for 24-7 Prayer as an organization in Canada, we still feel it’s important to try to keep up with what God is doing here. We’ve had a very small budget the past few years, so my less than 1/3 time role has been focused on resourcing, networking/connecting people in cities across Canada, inspiring and trying to keep up with the day to day emails that come in. We have hardly had the resources to sustain, let alone try to build. However, we’re ready to start building!

As we look forward, our hope is to get even better at resourcing prayer in cities and churches across Canada and we’d also like to start training leaders and mobilizing more mission. We want to follow God through this movement and start building. In order for us to do this, we invite you to join us.

Our hope this month is to have 30 people committed to giving $30/month. Will you join us? If you or your church has ever experienced or led a prayer room, I’d ask you to prayerfully consider this and how you could help spread, resource and mobilize more mission minded prayer in Canada for only 1$/day!!

If you would like more information, I would be happy to meet with you, skype or talk on the phone to discuss our hopes and dreams as we work to develop 24-7 Prayer here in Canada. Just coming from our national meeting, we have initiatives and ideas that will be rolling out over the next weeks and months that we’re really looking forward to beginning.

To donate just scroll down a little and click ‘Donate’ button on the left. This will lead you to our Canada Helps page which will explain what to do. In the message section you could write ‘3030 Challenge for the 2020 Vision’. For a copy of the 2020 Vision: Mobilizing the Church to Change the World, please contact me. You are also welcome to give a one time donation if that is your preference. All amounts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for prayerfully considering this request. I do hope you’ll join us!!

For more info contact Daria: daria.nardozzacom

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