Advent week 3: JOY

Like any self respecting author – the first thing that I did when sitting down to write this little encouragement was to ‘google joy.

And this is what I found….

I almost contemplated writing nothing else! How can I top that?!

Ironically, this little bit of bizarre hilarity actually did get me thinking about joy. What I started to wonder about was the origin of joy. Is joy nature or nurture? Does joy just happen or do you cultivate it? It seems to me that one can’t actually have ‘fake joy.’ The word joy almost has a sense of integrity about it – in that the emotion can’t be joy if it isn’t real. That lead me to wondering what joy is…is it an emotion, a feeling? We do know that a fruit of the Spirit is joy – so if we walk in the Spirit we ought to be experiencing more joy.

Websters defines joy this way, ” a : the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires : delight

“the prospect of possessing what one desires,” hmm..perhaps in this season of advent, if our hearts are fixed on the… … One we desire, the little child in the manger, the ruling soveriegn King, perhaps, we may find our hearts filled with joy as we look to Him.

To be continued….

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