Prayer for the Lausanne movement in Cape Town

Hello from Cape Town, South Africa!
here. Right now in Cape Town there are around 5000 hand picked Christian leaders from 198 countries around the world. It’s been said that this is the most representative and cross cultural global gathering ever. We’re all here to learn and discuss the global issues of our day and how the church can be working together to make a difference. It’s incredible. You can read much more on the website about this and even watch videos of different speakers/topics. There are between 50-100 Canadians attending this congress and many Canadians also watching online.
A few days ago I met the people who have mobilized prayer for this gathering. They have many people just here praying- I think they have 13 prayer watches going on in South Africa right now. Prayer is soooo important for gatherings like this so I invite you to join all of us in prayer for the people who are here, for all the important topics and issues being discussed and that as… … a church we could work together to make a difference in our world. You can even sign up for a one hour shift to pray!
here to see how you could join the world in prayer.

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